Self Management Preparation

It is important that students have developed self management skills so that they can be responsible for themselves and their belongings.

Skills that they need before coming to school are:

  • Being able to toilet themselves.
  • Dressing / undressing – including zips and buttons.
  • Recognising their belongings. Please name all of their clothes.
  • Putting shoes and socks on and taking them off by themselves.
  • Blowing their nose.
  • Using manners.
  • Able to play and share with others.
  • Packing up after themselves – putting clothes away, toys away, hanging up their bags.
  • Being able to hold a pencil and use scissors.

When your child starts school you can help by

  • Making sure they are here before the bell rings. Your child will need plenty of time to hang up their bag, take their shoes off, put their reader and reading bag away and say ‘hi’ to their friends.
  • Encouraging them to be responsible for their school bag and reading bag.
  • Asking them about their learning. Talk about their work displayed on the walls. Read the stories in their story book. Ask questions such as: What are you learning? What do you need to learn next? Ask your child to see how fast they can read the words on the word wall.