Police Vetting

All teachers are automatically vetted by the New Zealand Teachers’ Council as a part of Teacher registration every three years.

All other staff, for example support staff, are vetted at least every three years via the NZ Police.

Parents and other volunteers are also vetted through the NZ Police where it is considered necessary. The school carries out police vetting of sports coaches and managers on behalf of the Ohaupo School Sports Club (OSSC).

Police vetting will be carried out for parents, caregivers and volunteers who will spend an extended amount of time working with students in high trust situations, such as school camps. If there is any doubt as to whether a police vet is required or not, the police vet will be done. As police vetting can take up to 4 weeks to process this needs to be done well in advance.

There is no charge for police vetting. Forms can be obtained via the school office and when completed can be returned to the school office in a sealed envelope.

Any information received as a result of police vetting will be handled by the Principal on a strictly confidential basis.