Internet Use Procedures

The Internet, when used effectively, enables the sharing of resources, access to information and possibilities for communication. It is used to support teaching and learning when appropriate.


With access to computers and people all around the world comes the availability of material which may not be considered to be of educational value in the context of a school setting.  This procedure outlines the Management of Internet access at Ohaupo School.  The school will take all reasonable measures to restrict access to inappropriate material when ever possible.  The school firmly believes that the benefits far out weigh the possible disadvantages.


Students will:
  • Only use ’kid safe’ search engines or use bookmarked sites and URL’s approved and provided by the teacher.
  • Only use the Internet under teacher supervision.
  • Work through a Ohaupo School ’safe internet use’ programme before accessing the Internet.
  • Access the Internet through the Ohaupo School intranet.
  • Use email as part of educational programmes.
  • Be aware that an audit of sites visited will will be carried out by supervising staff/Principal/ICT teacher.
  • Sign a ‘user agreement licence’ before accessing the internet.
Staff will:
  • Have access to the Internet resources for research, professional development and information.
  • Use the Internet, World Wide Web, and phone and fax resources as appropriate in a school environment, i.e. there will be no use of these resources to access material that contains violence, coarse language, pornography, or illegal matter.
  • Use email as appropriate in the school environment, i.e. no use, storing or passing on of material that contains violence, coarse language, pornography or illegal matter.
  • Sign an ‘accepatable use of Internet license’ before accessing the Internet.

Safety Issues

Teacher Checklist

  • Guidelines will be clearly displayed in the ‘Tech suite’ and reviewed by the ICT/leadership team.
  • The Principal/ICT committee member will keep staff informed about internet issues.
  • Cyber Safety Hub is live!  Our unique Cyber Safety Hub address is
  • All computer screens will be visible to teachers while students are using the Internet.
  • A teacher must be present in the room to guide and support learning while students are on the Internet.
  • Students must only be using the Internet for a teacher approved purpose.
  • Students will access the Internet through the school intranet and use ‘kid safe’ search engines.
  • All work to be copied/printed must be seen and approved and not breach copyright law.
  • All student emails will be seen and approved by the teacher before being sent.
Remembering access is a privilege and not a right, the following will be adhered to:

Appropriate Use of Internet

Acceptable use of the Internet and emailing will include
  • Research in support of teaching and learning programmes.
  • Communication with others, e.g. email, collaborative projects, video conferences…
  • Publishing Web pages for school purposes.
  • Downloading of public domain software and graphics for educational purposes
Inappropriate Internet Use
  • User must follow policy guidelines.
  • Using, viewing, storing or passing on inappropriate material.
  • Using the Internet to purchase any material, or register for any competition unless under direct supervision of a teacher.
  • Violating copyright laws of software, graphics or files owned by others or protected by copyright.
  • Misrepresenting yourself or the school through the Internet.
Consequences of Inappropriate Use
The Principal or designee and the staff member observing the abuse will determine the penalties.  If this is a staff member any consequences are governed by the Complaints Policy of Ohaupo School. If this is a student it may be 
  1. Suspension of Internet access
  2. Cancellation of Internet access
Parental Note
Ultimately, parents and guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using media and information sources. Therefore, the school supports and respects each family’s right to decide whether or not their child will be allowed access.