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Game Results

29 March 2014
Magpies vs TAPS Tigers - lost 4-1
Magpies vs Rukuhia - won 4-2
5 April 2014
Magpies vs St Pats Yellow - lost 1-3
Magpies vs Pekerau Pride - draw 1-1
Grading games now complete = Grade D Reserve
12 April 2014
Magpies vs Kihikihi Netball Colts - lost 2-39
3 May 2014
Magpies vs TAPS Tigers - won 10-6
POTD - Sophie Turnwald for her awesome shooting
Team of injuries this week! The team started the game nursing: 1 x bad foot, 1 x bad ankle, 1 x bad stomach, 1 x bad leg, 1 x bad hand.
10 May 2014
Magpies vs White Pirongia Stormers - lost 5-8.
POTD - Grace Ingram, for her commitment and effort throughout the game.
17 May 2014
Magpies vs St Pats Yellow - lost 9 – 15,
POTD:  Dakota Attewell for a good solid performance
24 May 2014
'The Drowned Rats' aka Magpies vs K Town Tigers - won 14-7
POTD:  Everyone! For just carrying on, playing their best, and keeping a sense of humour in the monsoon conditions.
 7 June 2014
Magpies vs Korakonui Candy Crushers - won 15-7
POTD:  Grace Lindsay for awesome shooting and Alysia Reichelt for greatly improved foot work
14 June 2014
Magpies vs Pekarau Pride: Won 13-6
POTD:  Luiba Anainga for good solid and reliable defence work.
21 June 2014
Magpies vs ? - won 16-13
POTD:  Jessica and Holly
28 June 2014
Magpies vs Pekerau: lost 3 - 8
 5 July 2014
Magpies vs St Pats Red, won 8-7 despite be only able to field 6 players.
POTD:  Jessica O’Connor and Luiba Anainga
19 July 2014
Magpies vs TAPS Tigers, lost 10-14.
POTD: Alice Taylor & Alysia Reichelt.
Many thanks to Sacha Gray from the Jets for helping out and playing at short notice.
26 July 2014
Magpies vs Puahue Pearls : Lost 18-20. A really close game with maximum effort from all players, coaches couldn’t have been prouder of the girl’s effort.
POTD Grace Ingram for sterling defence work.
2 August 2014
Magpies vs Pokuru Blue: Win 18-13,
POTD Alice Taylor and Jessica O’Conner for exceptional teamwork in GA and GS
9 August 2014
Magpies vs Ray White Pirongia Stormers: Lost 12-14,
POTD Sophie Turnwald for a good solid performance
16 August 2014
Magpies vs Puahue Pearls. Lost 21-18.
A hard fought game again, just beaten in the last quarter.  POTD – All players
23 August 2014
Magpies vs Pirongia Stormers: Lost 14-8 despite a strong comeback in the last quarter.
Final grade position: 4th




The team

Alice Taylor
Alysia Reichelt
Dakota Attewell
Grace Ingram
Grace Lindsay
Jessica O'Connor
Luiba Anainga
Sophie Turnwald  

Coach: Michelle Laurie & Neil Taylor

Umpire: Jo Turnwald (Ann Marie Anainga as back-up)

Manager: Lisa Reichelt